About Us


Back in 2018, as a stay at home mom of two under three, I was drowning in undiagnosed postpartum depression and a lifetime of unhealed trauma, anxiety and at times debilitating chronic pain from fibromyalgia. Once I finally reached out for help, I began to dive into personal development, learning and unlearning, so I could become the best Momma to these beautiful babies. 

In November 2019, my son was diagnosed with Autism and Sensory Processing Disorder and then COVID rocking the world four months later my depression, anxiety and pain were once again preventing me from being present with my family. I felt entirely alone on our new special needs journey and to say I was overwhelmed and burnt out was an understatement!

Starting simple, I decided to make taking a bath a priority. I had profound relief from a salt bath and felt renewed as the stress and pain melted away! I found myself being a more relaxed and present mom and spouse. Most importantly I was able to remain (more) calm when my son had a meltdown or a behavior surfaced. Through research I discovered that a hot bath allows your vagus nerve to settle into a relaxed state which has a mind and body altering affect! 

I began to study salts and the benefits of soaking in them and experimented with different concoctions of my own. I did research on fragrance as I wanted to make sure I was getting the cleanest scents on the market with the best throw power. All of this lead to handmade recipes for Pretty Zen & Company with top of the line ingredients in all areas. 

Our mission is to help special needs moms prioritize their self-care to help alleviate overwhelm and burnout with our handmade spa products and to share the message of acceptance, awareness and inclusion with our graphic apparel. We will advocate to the ends of the earth for a kinder world for all with special or support needs, and are here to proudly support the Momma's who are doing the same for their family!


As a parent of a child with special needs, I know that each circumstance has its own unique challenges that can take a toll on your mental health. I empathize with the guilt that arises when you're unable to dedicate enough time or energy to fulfill your responsibilities of the family, house, extra doctor appointments and therapies, work, becoming a therapist and advocate for your kiddo, let alone pursue your own desires. It's all exhausting and beautiful and we push through to fight tomorrows battles.

As you begin to make yourself a priority, you'll gradually begin to feel more like your authentic self once again. This is beneficial not only for you, but also for your child and the rest of your family! Ultimately, we have a kiddo who fearlessly embraces their authenticity, and they should inspire us to do the same!

Here is to love, support, and figuring out this journey as we go!

Megan, founder and CEO of Pretty Zen & Company.